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Welcome to the official online Minnesota Biomass Harvesting Guidelines training course!

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Simple and self-paced - This training is user-friendly and self-directed. Study as much as you need to know, at the pace you learn!

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Have fun learning with interactive slides and questions.

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After answering the quiz questions correctly and completing the training, you will enter your name, address and email.  This information will be recorded by the Minnesota Logger Education Program (loggers) and the Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative (resource managers).  You will also receive an email confirming your completion of the training. This training is free for members of the Minnesota Logger Education Program and Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative.

Important: You will need a copy of Minnesota’s Forest Management Guidelines gold book and the Biomass Harvesting Guidelines insert. If you need a copy of either of these publications, you can request them from the Minnesota Logger Education Program at (218) 879-5633, or you can download them from the “Resource Links” section on this page.

In the FMG .pdf document located in the "Resource Links" above, the Biomass section begins on page 514.

This training requires computer speakers or headphones.
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Diomy Zamora, Project Leader
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Charlie Blinn, Project Leader
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Dave Chura, Member
Tom McCabe (McCabe Forest Products)
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Rick Horton (MN-DNR)
Larry Coyle, Member
Pat Orent (Ainsworth)
Grant Domke, Online Training Developer
Calder Hibbard (MFRC)
Dalia Abbas, Technical Content Contributor
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