Erosion Control: Staying Out of Murky Waters


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Welcome to the Erosion Control workshop web page!

The workshop educated participants on the appropriate selection, installation and maintenance of erosion control practices on logging roads, trails and landings. Participants learned when and where erosion control practices are needed, how to determine the appropriate practice for a specific site situation, and proper installation and maintenance of practices. Participants were also exposed to new erosion control techniques and materials not commonly seen within forest management in Minnesota.

Focus during the workshop was given to erosion control practices on approaches to wetland and stream crossings (both on access roads and skid trails), steep sections of roads and skid trails with exposed soil, and roads or skid trails and landings where construction has exposed soil to erosion (i.e., where cut and fill has created steep side-slopes or ditches). Additionally, focus was given to installation and maintenance of erosion control practices on roads and timber sales during active operations.


Introduction: Erosion Control & Water Diversion
Earth Berm Water Bar
Slash Water Bar
Slash Mat
Lead Off Ditch
Polyacrlymides (PAM)
Erosion Control Blanket
Silt Fence & Biologs

Charlie Blinn, University of Minnesota
John Chapman, Minnesota Erosion Control Association
David Chura, Minnesota Logger Education Program
Rick Dahlman, Dahlman Consulting
Joe Dukek, Dukek Logging, Inc.
Mike House, Brock White
Brad Jones, Itasca Community College
Julie Miedtke, University of Minnesota Extension
Kip Nelson, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Dick Rossman, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation Board
U.S. Forest Service

This training was made possible in part by support from the following:

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