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Current Workshop Offerings

**2017 classes are listed below. Occasionally we identify additional training throughout the year - check back regularly**

Click on the workshop title to view class descriptions, dates, and locations. Workshops with current openings will have a "register" link. This page will be updated as needed with any new training opportunities that may become available throughout the year. Classes are free to MLEP members unless otherwise indicated and pre-registration is required for all classes.

If you have any questions about individual training requirements, review them here or contact the MLEP office.

NOTE: Registrations cannot be accepted until membership dues are paid in full!

MLEP Credit Classes


Logger Conferences
Chainsaw Felling
Cross Training Cooperation
Designing Timber Sales for Wildlife
FMG Pocket Guide
Forest Pest Detector
Human Resource Management
Log Scale & Grading
Quickbooks Advanced
Tech in the Woods
Timber Cruising & Measurements
Truck Weight Compliance
Wood Markets
Working with the Public

Online Training: Click here for descriptions and to begin training
Biomass Harvesting Guidelines
Forest Management Guideline Training
Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver
Hazardous Materials
How to Prepare for a DOT Audit
Emerald Ash Borer: Eyes in the Woods




Logger Conferences (6 hrs. MLEP Cr./4 or 8 hrs. LogSafe Cr.)

To accommodate the reduced training hours requirement cycle, this year's format will provide a full credit day of MLEP training on Day One and Day Two has LogSafe (CPR/First-Aid and OSHA) training. Participants may also register for only the OSHA, MLEP or CPR/First-Aid portion of the conference. If you have any questions about what training you need for 2017, please contact the MLEP office.

Day One (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)
The conference will begin with a group welcome session and large group presentation. Participants will then choose from and attend a variety of breakout sessions. Topics to be covered during sessions include: Gypsy Moth limited permit training/EAB quarantine training (Tower Only), Load securement, Hydraulic safety, Efficient Hydraulic use, Financial considerations, business planning, Equipment data software options, Timber Measurements, and others.

Day Two (4 or 8 hrs. LogSafe Cr.) CPR/1st AId in Bemidji is full
Participants will attend either a 4 hr. OSHA session (morning only) or 8 hr. CPR/First-Aid certification and recertification (full day). Please review your training requirements or contact MLEP if you are unsure of what LogSafe class you need this year.


April 11-12 - Fortune Bay Resort, Tower

MLEP is partnering with Log A Load for Kids and Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare to host a benefit banquet on Tuesday, April 11th at the MLEP Spring Logger Conference in Tower, MN.

Banquet Agenda:

5:00 - 5:45 pm: Social Hour

5:45 - 6:30 pm: Desserts for Dreams Auction and Log A Load Program

6:30 pm: Dinner and Dessert

You are cordially invited to join us in support of Log A Load for Kids for this wonderful charity banquet. All proceeds will go to support our local Minnesota Log A Load for Kids program! Tickets for Banquet:

  • $45/person
  • Pre-reserved tables for 8 people. $360/table. Includes banquet ticket per person and a reserved table with your name/company’s name on it.

All monies for tickets and pre-reserved tables should be made payable to MLEP

Room rates for conference are $67 plus tax for a standard double room, $80 for a premium single room, $89 for a two-room suite. A limited number of suites available- call for pricing. Specify the "MLEP Conference" Block when making reservations and rooms must be held on valid credit card. Call 800-555-1714. Reservations at group rate can be made until March 20, 2017. Cancellation penalty applies if cancelled less than 2 days before arrival.

April 18-19 - The Sanford Center, Bemidji

Room block reserved at the Country Inn & Suites (indoor walkway connection to Sanford Center). All room rates for conference are $109 plus tax per night. Specify the "MLEP Logger Conference" when making reservations and rooms must be held on a valid credit card. Call 218-441-4800. Reservations at group rate can be made until March 15, 2017.




Chainsaw Felling (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

Participants will receive an overview of the OSHA requirements related to chainsaw safety and timber felling activities. Training will address chainsaw safety features, reactive forces and the importance of proper saw selection and maintenance. Out in the woods, a facilitated discussion will include observing, recognizing and reacting to jobsite hazards. A live demonstration of safe felling, limbing, bucking and topping techniques will be included. Participants will receive individual instruction and practice the demonstrated techniques. Participants must provide their own saw, PPE and all other required safety gear. Class is limited to 12 registrations.

September 28 - Cloquet




Cross Training Cooperation (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

Are we all on the same page? Is there a right or wrong answer? This course will explore how to collaborate with others in the forest industry. Small group activities will encourage cooperation among loggers, agency and industry foresters. Real world case studies of timber sales will be discussed. Field site visits will highlight operational capacity, capability and discussion of expectations during harvest. Expand your understanding and ability to cooperate with other professionals.

August 9 - Bemidji CANCELLED
August 23 - Palisade



Designing Timber Sales for Wildlife (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

Landowners love critters, and a well-planned, intelligently designed timber harvest can improve wildlife habitat. But not all harvests are created equal. With both classroom and field activities, we will review the basic needs of wildlife species, then take a practical look at timber sale design to meet the needs of both game and non-game species.

July 13 - Grand Rapids




FMG Pocket Guide: A Handy Tool for Field Review (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

This workshop will bring natural resource managers, loggers and landowners together for an introduction to th pocket guide to Minnesota's Forest Management Guidelines. Classroom and field activities will focus on using the pocket guide in real world applications of the Forest Management Guidelines during management activities.

April 28 - Baudette
June 15 - Brainerd
August 29 - Whitewater State Park CANCELLED



Forest Pest Detector (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

COST: $50.00

The Minnesota Forest Pest First Detectors training program is designed to help identify the occurrence of Emerald Ash Borer and other forest pests in Minnesota. Other pests discussed in the training include gypsy moth, Asian longhorned beetle, and Oriental bittersweet. Learn more about the program here: website.

All registrants will complete an online training course in preparation for the in-person workshop. The online course should take approximately 3-4 hours to complete, and should be completed prior to attending the in-person workshop. The in-person workshop is 7 hours, and lunch and refreshments are provided. Both online and in-person workshop are required for successful completion of the program.

What you'll learn:

– invasive species identification
– tree disease identification
– reporting methods
– common transportation routes for pests

March 2 - Cloquet
March 8 - Oakdale



Human Resource Management (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.) register

The people involved in your business can be your greatest asset or your biggest nightmare. How do you eliminate the headaches? Do you have employees or sub-contractors, where is that line? Do you know how to protect your business and provide good benefits to employees at the same time? What can you do to ensure you keep key employees on board? Learn the basics of good human resource management techniques. Gain valuable tools needed to handle employees you have or are hoping to hire.

November 14 - Cloquet





Log Scale & Grading (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

Do you want to know if a sawlog is good for sawing or should go to pulp? Have you ever wondered how logs are graded? Have you ever wondered how a graded log cuts out in a sawmill? Join us at Hawkins Sawmill for a workshop on log grading. Logs will be discussed, graded and then run through the head saw to show what defects look like for a mill. Session will include a mill tour to show sawing processes and discuss quality issues in sawtimber.

May 23 - Isle




Quickbooks (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

Do you have an efficient system that allows you to create invoices, track payments and receipts and keep your banking information up to date? Are you considering a change to managing your business's financial health? You and/or your bookkeeper are welcome to join us to learn what Quickbooks has to offer businesses like yours. You do not need to know anything about Quickbooks to attend. Introduction to computerized financial management for business.

March 15 - Cloquet




Quickbooks Advanced (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.) register

Are you fully utilizing the tools Quickbooks provides for your business? You and/or your bookkeeper are welcome to join us for an in depth look into what Quickbooks has to offer businesses like yours. You can bring a copy of your Quickbooks program and get individualized answers to your questions about the program. This is an advanced course designed for businesses that use Quickbooks already.

December 5 - Duluth




Tech in the Woods (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.) register

Join us to learn about technologies available that allow you to know where you are on a timber sale map in real time, equipment that allows for texting even outside of cell phone service and gadgets that could make timber sale management and communication easier out in the woods. Workshop will include classroom overview of the gadgets, gizmos and programs available to address technology needs in the woods. Field session will provide an opportunity to "play with" the gadgets out in the woods, for a hands-on experience.

July 19 - Cloquet
October 20 - Grand Rapids




Timber Cruising & Measurements (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

Ever wonder how foresters estimate timber volume on a tract of timber? Do you know how to estimate the volume of timber on a piece of property? Can you calculate the number of trees to remove to meet the basal area requirements for an RMZ? Would you like to be able to verify volume estimates indicated on sale prospectuses? Join industry experts to learn how to use the tools needed to estimate volume and determine basal area. Workshop will include classroom instruction and field exercises.

May 18 - International Falls
September 6 - Grand Rapids




Truck Weight Compliance Training (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

The training has been updated to reflect recent truck weight legislative changes. Participants will review the laws governing gross weights, road-restriction weights, axle weights, and seasonally increased weights. The workshop will also address the differences between the state and local systems, road damage issues, reading weight charts, and the advantages and reasons for proper tire sizes, axle spacing, and axle configurations, and things to consider when purchasing a new truck or altering a current truck. Professional and easy to understand classroom and “take home” materials will help you identify potential concerns with your own trucks and assist you in optimizing your own configurations and options.

This workshop is being funded by the Minnesota Department of Transportation and presented by Alexandria Technical/Community college. The instructors include retired State Patrol Lieutenant Greg Hayes (Program Developer/Coordinator/Instructor), Paul Robischon, Keith Williamson, Bruce Verdoes.

This workshop includes coffee breaks and program materials. Registrants are on their own for lunch.

March 8 - Alexandria
March 9 - St. Cloud
March 15 - Arden Hills
March 16 - Bloomington
March 22 - Rochester
March 23 - Albert Lea
March 29 - E Grand Forks
March 30 - Roseau
April 5 - Mankato

April 6 - Marshall
April 19 - Duluth
April 20 - Bemidji


September 6 - Mankato
September 13 - St. Cloud
September 20 - Bemidj




Wood Markets (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

Want to expand your markets? Want to know more about the current markets in MN? Do you know where wood products go and how they are used after your load is delivered to the mill? Representatives from major wood using facilities will be on hand to discuss the latest information about products, utilization specs, resource needs and more. Pricing and deliveries will not be discussed by anyone during the training session in accordance with Anti-Trust laws.

September 14 - Grand Rapids




Working with the Public (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

Have you ever had someone wander onto your jobsite and ask what you are doing? Do you want to learn how to answer questions the public has about logging and forestry? Would you like to have tools to positively interact with the public, especially people who don't like harvesting? Join us to learn strategies for talking to the public and providing outreach about your profession. Session will provide tools for education and discussion with the public on and off your sales.

June 8 - Two Harbors

LogSafe Credit Classes


CPR/1st Aid Certification (8 hrs. LogSafe Cr.) register

This year's First Aid classes will include a customized segment that encompasses some of injuries common to logging. Logging is an occupation where a combination of adverse conditions, use of machinery and limited access to EMS create special challenges. All classes start at 8 AM and end at approximately 4 PM.
Head, face and hand injuries
Bone, joint and muscle injuries
Splinting and bandaging techniques
Moving a victim with potential spine injuries
Hypothermia, frost bite & heat related emergencies

March 22 - Brainerd - Northland Arboretum
March 23 - Rochester - Country Inn & Suites
March 28 - Cloquet - MLEP Office
March 29 - Grand Rapids - Timberlake Lodge
March 30 - Two Harbors Community Bldg.
April 4 - Cloquet - MLEP Office
April 5 - Palisade - Long Lake Conservaton Ctr.
April 6 - Chisholm - MN Discovery Ctr.
April 12 - Tower (MLEP Conference)- Fortune Bay
April 19 - Bemidji (MLEP Conference)- Sanford Ctr.
April 25 - Littlefork - Littlefork Community Bldg.
April 26 - I Falls - AmericInn
April 27 - Baudette - Sportsman's Lodge
May 3 - Cloquet MLEP Office
November 1 - Chisholm - MN Discovery Ctr.
November 2 - Cloquet - MLEP Office **FULL**
November 8 - Bemidji - Sanford Center
November 9 - Grand Rapids - Timberlake Lodge
November 16 - I Falls - AmericInn
December 6 - Cloquet - MLEP Office
December 13 - Grand Rapids - Timberlake Lodge


OSHA (4 hrs. LogSafe Cr.) register

Several different options for OSHA classes are available this year. All OSHA training will take place in the mornings 8 AM to noon unless noted below.

LogSafe OSHA
These classes will provide an overview of general safety topics related to recent work comp injuries and claims for the logging industry in Minnesota. Topics to be covered include: Preventing equipment fires, Slips and Fall prevention, Emergency Response call systems, hydraulic system safety, Tire maintenance safety, General health and personal safety, GHS Labeling systems, 1st Aid kit requirements, Emergency planning and communication strategies, and other topics as deemed appropriate to address trends in work comp claims. Topics covered during individual classes will vary due to instructor availablity.

March 22 - Brainerd - Northland Arboretum
March 31 - Two Harbors - Two Harbors Community Bldg.
April 4 - Cloquet (AM & PM) Cloquet Forestry Ctr.
April 6 - Chisholm - MN Discovery Ctr.
April 12 - Tower (MLEP Conference)- Fortune Bay
April 19 - Bemidji (MLEP Conference) - Sanford Ctr.
April 26 - I Falls AmericInn
April 27 - Baudette - Sportsman's Lodge
November 1 - Chisholm - MN Discovery Ctr.
November 2 - Cloquet - Cloquet Forestry Ctr.
November 8 - Bemidji - Sanford Center
November 16 - I Falls - AmericInn
December 13 - Grand Rapids - Timberlake Lodge

LogSafe OSHA - Ziegler CAT
Join us at the Ziegler CAT facility in Buehl/Brainerd to talk about safety concepts related to logging operations.  Topics to be covered:  Forestry Equipment walk-around and preventative maintenance, Hydraulic Fluids and Fuel systems pressure and preventative maintenance, GHS Labeling, Shop safety walk through and discussion.  This course will meet the requirements for the 4 Hour LogSafe class credit.

May 2 - Brainerd - Ziegler CAT Shop
October 18 - Buhl - Ziegler CAT Shop CANCELLED

LogSafe OSHA - Nortrax
Join Nortrax and John Deere representatives at their Grand Rapids store to learn the latest on safety and logging equipment.  Topics to be discussed include general safety practices in the woods, shop safety (including a walk-through of the Nortrax shop), proper safety in and on logging equipment, and how safety is being engineered into today’s logging equipment.  This workshop will meet the requirements for the 4 hour LogSafe class credit.

March 29 - Grand Rapids - Nortrax Shop
October 24 - Grand Rapids - Nortrax Shop FULL

LogSafe OSHA - Hands on Chainsaw Training
This will be a hand-on chainsaw safety class. Individuals must bring their own chainsaw, chaps, helmet, gloves and other safety equipment. Classroom instruction will include an overview of the necessary PPE and techniques to safely fell trees in various situations. An overview of equipment maintenance and safe use will also be included. Field exercise will include a safe felling demonstration and instruction on safe felling. This course will meet the requirements for the 4 Hour LogSafe class credit.

April 5 - Palisade - Long Lake Conservation Ctr.
October 25 - Wabasha - Wabasha Cty. Hwy. Bldg.

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