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2018 Current Workshop Offerings

**2018 classes are listed below. Occasionally we identify additional training throughout the year - check back regularly**

Click on the workshop title to view class descriptions, dates, and locations. Workshops with current openings will have a "register" link. This page will be updated as needed with any new training opportunities that may become available throughout the year. Classes are free to MLEP members unless otherwise indicated and pre-registration is required for all classes.

If you have any questions about individual training requirements, review them here or contact the MLEP office.

NOTE: Registrations cannot be accepted until membership dues are paid in full!

MLEP Credit Classes


Logger Conferences
Designing Timber Sales for Wildlife
FMG Pocket Guide: A Handy Tool for Field Review/Survey Focus Group
Forest Health
Forest Pest Detector
Government Contracts:Where's the Work & How Do I Get It?
Harvester Bar & Chain and Hydraulic Hose & Fitting Safety and Maintenance
Logger Survey Focus Groups
Onsite Forest Mgmt. Guideline Training
PetroChoice Equipment Reliabiity Seminar- Safety Savings & Sustainability
Road Construction & Maintenance
State & Federal Field Contracts
Tech in the Woods
Timber Cruising & Measurements
Truck Weight Compliance
Webinar Series
Weed 'Em Out

Online Training: Click here for descriptions and to begin training
Biomass Harvesting Guidelines
Forest Management Guideline Training
Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver
Hazardous Materials
How to Prepare for a DOT Audit
Emerald Ash Borer: Eyes in the Woods




Logger Conferences (6 hrs. MLEP Cr./4 or 8 hrs. LogSafe Cr.)

Day One will consist of MLEP training and opportunities to interact with vendors.  Attendees will attend a minimum of 6 sessions consisting of a combination of required and individually chosen sessions to meet a total of 6 hours of credit.  A variety of topics will be available to choose from throughout the day.  Day Two will consist of LogSafe classes.  CPR/First Aid and OSHA training will be offered concurrently on Day Two.

Participants may also register for only the OSHA, MLEP or CPR/First-Aid portion of the conference. If you have any questions about what training you need for 2018, please contact the MLEP office.

Day One (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)
The conference will begin with a group welcome session and large group presentation. Participants will then choose from and attend a variety of breakout sessions. A variety of topics will be covered.

Day Two (4 or 8 hrs. LogSafe Cr.)
Participants will attend either a 4 hr. OSHA session (morning only) or 8 hr. CPR/First-Aid certification and recertification (full day). Please review your training requirements or contact MLEP if you are unsure of what LogSafe class you need this year.


April 17-18 - Fortune Bay Resort, Tower

MLEP is partnering with Log A Load for Kids and Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare to host a benefit banquet on Tuesday, April 17th at the MLEP Spring Logger Conference in Tower, MN.

Banquet Agenda:

5:00 - 5:45 pm: Social Hour

5:45 - 6:30 pm: Desserts for Dreams Auction and Log A Load Program

6:30 pm: Dinner and Dessert

You are cordially invited to join us in support of Log A Load for Kids for this wonderful charity banquet. All proceeds will go to support our local Minnesota Log A Load for Kids program! Tickets for Banquet:

  • $45/person
  • Pre-reserved tables for 8 people. $360/table. Includes banquet ticket per person and a reserved table with your name/company’s name on it.

All monies for tickets and pre-reserved tables should be made payable to MLEP

Room rates for conference are $67 plus tax for a standard double room, $80 for a premium single room. Specify the "MLEP Conference" Block when making reservations and rooms must be held on valid credit card. Call 800-555-1714. Reservations at group rate can be made until April 2, 2018. Cancellation penalty applies if cancelled less than 2 days before arrival.

April 24-25 - The Sanford Center, Bemidji

Room block reserved at the Country Inn & Suites (indoor walkway connection to Sanford Center). All room rates for conference are $109 plus tax per night. Specify the "MLEP Logger Conference" when making reservations and rooms must be held on a valid credit card. Call 218-441-4800. Reservations at group rate can be made until March 28, 2018.




Designing Timber Sales for Wildlife (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

Landowners love critters, and a well-planned, intelligently designed timber harvest can improve wildlife habitat. But not all harvests are created equal. With both classroom and field activities, we will review the basic needs of wildlife species, then take a practical look at timber sale design to meet the needs of both game and non-game species.

June 12 - Cloquet
September 25 - Deer River





FMG Pocket Guide: A Handy Tool for Review/Logger Survey Focus Group (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

This workshop will bring natural resource managers, loggers and landowners together for a half-day introduction to the pocket guide to Minnesota’s Forest Management Guidelines.  Classroom and field activities will focus on using the pocket guide in real world applications of the FMGs.  The afternoon session will consist of participation in the Logger Survey Focus Group efforts and discussion. 

May 16 - International Falls





Forest Health (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

To be useful, forest health information must be local and practical. This session will begin with an overview of specific local forest health threats. Heading out into the woods, we will see the "bugs and crud" up close and talk about specific steps loggers and land managers can take to address the threats.

July 24 - Bemidji
August 16 - Cloquet




Forest Pest Detector (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

Participants will learn skills needed to be successful Forest Pest First Detector Volunteers. They will be able to describe and identify the signs and symptoms of the pests listed and how to properly respond to potential pests.  Emerald ash borer, velvet longhorned beetle & Asian longhorned beetle, gypsy moth & brown marmorated stink bug, oriental bittersweet, burning bush & Japanese barberry and Diseases: Oak wilt & anthracnose, and ash yellow

All participants are expected to complete the online training modules and complete the quizzes before attending this (or another Forest Pest First Detector). FPFD volunteers are required to complete the online training and sign the confidentiality agreement. Check for up-to-date workshop information and to take the online training modules.

February 28 - Andover
March 21 - Mankato




Government Contracts: Where's the Work & How Do I Get It? (3 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

For new and experienced contractors, both loggers and landscape/tree service businesses. Get help deciphering the government contract bidding process, learn about current and future hand and mechanical work projects on public and private lands, and discuss challenges you face.

You must find another 3 hour MLEP class to complete your 6 hours of training for the year.

March 28 - Ely
March 29 - Grand Marais




Harvester Bar & Chain and Hydraulic Hose & Fitting Safety and Maintenance (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

Hosted by Menominee Industrial Supply Company. This will be a combination of a 3 hr program by MIS staff certified by Blount (Oregon Cutting Systems) in Bar and Chain Safety and a 3 hr program by MIS staff that is approved by Gates Hydraulics. The Bar and Chain portion will include minimizing the risks and causes of chain shot, detailed education on the different styles of saw chain, its maintenance and properties, saw bars and drive sprockets. The Hydraulic portion will include dangers of hydraulic hoses, how to properly ID hydraulic hose types, fittings and adapters and how to properly assemble hoses.

May 17 - Grand Rapids




Logger Survey Focus Groups (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

Participation in the Logger Survey Focus Group efforts through onsite participation in the focus group at a variety of locatioins across the state can be used toward MLEP credit. Contact the MLEP office for details if you are interested in participating in the focus group discussions.

Dates to be determined.




Onsite Forest Mgmt. Guideline Training (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.) register

Classroom opportunity to complete the online eFMG class for credit. This course will go through the online Forest Management Guidelines course in a classroom setting in which all attendees will go through the modules as a group. The paper exercise will be completed individually for credit to complete the training. This is an alternative to completing the eFMG online class independently for anyone who does not have internet access, is not comfortable or familiar with computers or is looking for a final opportunity to complete the required continuing education credit for 2018.

December 12 - Cloquet




PetroChoice Equipment Reliability Seminar - Safety Savings & Sustainability (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

Please join PetroChoice, Dakota Fluid Power, and Northwest Tire for a daylong discussion about the latest in Lubricant technology (CK-4 and FA-4, Zinc vs. Zinc Free Hydraulics, and oil analysis among other topics), filtration (and its affect on lubricant & equipment life), and an in-depth tire talk. We will help you make sense of all of the latest developments in each of these categories in an effort to drive increased savings, lower safety risks, and improve sustainability within your business.


April 10 - Grand Rapids
April 11 - Duluth




Road Construction and Maintenance (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

Understanding sound road construction and maintenance may assist loggers and foresters in efforts to promote sustainable forest acess and prevent long term problems. This workshop will dig into guidelines related to erosion control, road construction, design, and retirement. Using both classroom and field activities, expect to leave with a better understanding of practical ideas related to planning of road construction, maintenance, and retirement.

June 26 - Palisade
August 8 - Grand Rapids
October 9 - Two Harbors




State & Federal Field Contracts (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

Learn how to bid on state & federal forest inventory data-collection contracts. This workshop will explain bidding procedures, insurance requirements, qualifications, certification requirements, data and plot design. They will also demonstrate data recorders and GPS equipment, as well as the tools you'll need.

October 9 (noon to 5 pm) - Grand Rapids




Tech in the Woods (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.) register

Join us to learn about technologies available that allow you to know where you are on a timber sale map in real time, equipment that allows for texting even outside of cell phone service and gadgets that could make timber sale management and communication easier out in the woods. Workshop will include classroom overview of the gadgets, gizmos and programs available to address technology needs in the woods. Field session will provide an opportunity to "play with" the gadgets out in the woods, for a hands-on experience.

August 28 - Palisade




Timber Cruising & Measurements (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

Ever wonder how foresters estimate timber volume on a tract of timber? Do you know how to estimate the volume of timber on a piece of property? Can you calculate the number of trees to remove to meet the basal area requirements for an RMZ? Would you like to be able to verify volume estimates indicated on sale prospectuses? Join industry experts to learn how to use the tools needed to estimate volume and determine basal area. Workshop will include classroom instruction and field exercises.

July 12 - Cloquet




2019 Truck Weight Compliance Training (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.) register

The training has been updated to reflect recent truck weight legislative changes. Participants will review the laws governing gross weights, road-restriction weights, axle weights, and seasonally increased weights. The workshop will also address the differences between the state and local systems, road damage issues, reading weight charts, and the advantages and reasons for proper tire sizes, axle spacing, and axle configurations, and things to consider when purchasing a new truck or altering a current truck. Professional and easy to understand classroom and “take home” materials will help you identify potential concerns with your own trucks and assist you in optimizing your own configurations and options.

This workshop is being funded by the Minnesota Department of Transportation and presented by Alexandria Technical/Community college. The instructors include retired State Patrol Lieutenant Greg Hayes (Program Developer/Coordinator/Instructor), Paul Robischon, Keith Williamson, Tom Nelson.

This workshop includes coffee breaks and program materials. Registrants are on their own for lunch.

March 13
- Moorehead
March 14 - Alexandria
March 20 - Albert Lea
March 21 - Shoreview
March 27 - Grand Marais
March 28 - St. Cloud
April 3 - Mankato
April 4 - Bloomington
April 10 - Marshall


Septenber 4 - Rochester
September 11 - Duluth
September 12 - St. Cloud




Webinar Series (3 or 6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

In cooperation with SFEC, MLEP will offer credit for attending webinars offered by SFEC in 2018.  You must register through MLEP to get the payment code to cover the webinar cost.  All webinars are held live from Noon to 1pm.  You can attend the webinars via the internet from anywhere or in person at one of the live broadcast sites (Cloquet, Ely, Crookston, or St. Paul).  The webinars offered this year are:
                January 16th- Changes to the SFIA Program:  What it means for Landowners and Service Providers
                February 20th- Seasonal Timing of Fire and its Influence on Succession
                March 20th- Forest Canopy Disturber Update:  Major Events of 2017 and Implications for 2018
                April 17th- The Physiology of Tree Responses to Drought
                May 15th- Update on Silvicultural Practices and the Logging Sector in Minnesota
                June 19th- Urban Forest Inventory and Analysis in Minnesota
                July 17th- Managing Deer Browse for Forest Health:  Insights from the Great Lakes Silviculture Library
                August 21st- Update on DNR’s Sustainable Timber Harvest Analysis
                September 18th- A Fisheries Perspective on Timber Sale Design
                October 16th- Update on MN Deer Management Plan
                November 20th- Forest Inventory with LiDAR:  Minnesota’s Approach
                December 18th- Genetic Impact of Harvesting and Regeneration

To receive credit for MLEP and have the $50 webinar cost covered through MLEP, you must attend either a minimum of 3 or 6 webinars.  If you attend only 3 webinars, you must find another 3 hour MLEP class to complete your 6 hours of training for the year.




Weed 'Em Out (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

Participants will learn how to identify weeds on Minnesota’s Prohibited Noxious Weeds Eradicate List. In addition participants will compare these weeds to look-alike plants and learn about suitable habitats and the known distribution of these uncommon plants in Minnesota.  Plants include:  Japanese hops, oriental bittersweet, black swallow-wort, common and cutleaf teasel, knapweeds, star thistle, giant hogweed and others.

March 27 - Duluth
April 4 - Chaska




LogSafe Credit Classes


CPR/1st Aid Certification (8 hrs. LogSafe Cr.) register

This year's First Aid classes will include a customized segment that encompasses some of injuries common to logging. Logging is an occupation where a combination of adverse conditions, use of machinery and limited access to EMS create special challenges. All classes start at 8 AM and end at approximately 4 PM.
Head, face and hand injuries
Bone, joint and muscle injuries
Splinting and bandaging techniques
Moving a victim with potential spine injuries
Hypothermia, frost bite & heat related emergencies

March 21 - Brainerd - Arrowwood Lodge
March 27 - Grand Rapids - Timberlake Lodge
March 28 - Cloquet - MLEP Office
April 4 - Cloquet - MLEP Office
April 5 - Two Harbors - Superior Shores Resort
April 11 - Cloquet - MLEP Office CANCELLED
April 18 - Tower (MLEP Conference)- Fortune Bay
April 25 - Bemidji (MLEP Conference)- Sanford Ctr. FULL
May 1 - I Falls - AmericInn
May 2 - Baudette - Sportsman's Lodge
May 3 - Blackduck - Community Center
October 24 - Grand Rapids - Timberlake Lodge
October 25 - I Falls - AmericInn
October 30 - Virginia- Essentia Health Med Arts
November 28 - Cloquet - MLEP Office
November 29 - Bemidji - Sanford Center FULL
December 4 - Cloquet - MLEP Office
December 13 - Grand Rapids - Timberlake Lodge


OSHA (4 hrs. LogSafe Cr.) register

All OSHA training will take place in the mornings 8 AM to noon unless noted below.

LogSafe OSHA
These classes will provide an overview of general safety topics related to recent work comp injuries and claims for the logging industry in Minnesota. Topics to be covered include: Preventing equipment fires, Slips and Fall prevention, Emergency Response call systems, hydraulic system safety, Tire maintenance safety, General health and personal safety, GHS Labeling systems, 1st Aid kit requirements, Emergency planning and communication strategies, and other topics as deemed appropriate to address trends in work comp claims. Topics covered during individual classes will vary due to instructor availablity.

March 21 - Brainerd - Arrowwood Lodge
March 22 - Rochester - Canadian Honker
March 27 - Grand Rapids - Timberlake Lodge
April 4 - Cloquet - Cloquet Forestry Center
April 5 - Two Harbors - Superior Shores Resort
April 18 - Tower (MLEP Conference)- Fortune Bay
April 25 - Bemidji (MLEP Conference)- Sanford Ctr. FULL
May 1 - I Falls - AmericInn
May 2 - Baudette - Sportsman's Lodge
October 24 - Grand Rapids - Timberlake Lodge
October 25 - I Falls - AmericInn
October 30 - Virginia - Essentia Health Med Arts
November 29 - Bemidji - Sanford Center
December 4 - Cloquet - Cloquet Forestry Center
December 13 - Grand Rapids - Timberlake Lodge

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