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Management/Company Resources

MN DNR Maps - This site offers aerial photos of Minnesota, "Landview"- which allows you to create custom maps along with options of layering roads, lakes, rivers, and historical air photos. Maps & Air Photos page - Links to many mapping options, and also provides online tutorials on using them.

MLEP Company Safety & Health Policy Plan (AWAIR) - Use this document to create a safety plan for your logging business.

MLEP Drug and Alcohol Policy Plan - Use this document to create a drug and alcohol policy plan for your logging business.

COVID Preparedness Plan Template - Use this downloadable document to create a COVID preparedness plan for your logging business.

Property Tax / Ownership Verification Contact Information

Upcoming DNR Timber Sales

DNR Timber Sale Calendar

MN DOLI Safety Grant Information and Application

MN DOLI Workers Compensation Rebate Form 2021

MN DOLI Annual Rept of Wood Purchased/Acquired Form 2021

Endangered & Threatened Species and Cultural Resources Inquiries

Sample Timber Sale Contract - click here for a Word document

Oak Wilt Protocol Example - This treatment was initially developed on some sites in and around Mosinee, WI by Tom Meier (retired DNR, Mead WLA), along with some studies done in Minnesota with chemical control.

Gypsy Moth Quarantine Page - The MN Department of Agriculture's information on the Gypsy Moth and latest quarantine information and trainings.

Spruce Budworm Fact Sheet - The University of MN Extension's fact sheet primarily professionals/loggers and focuses largely on managing and harvesting spruce and fir.

Minnesota Special Forest Products Harvest-To-Market Directory - This directory was prepared to better connect the harvesters and the purchasers of Special Forest Products. These products are seeds, burls, herbs, berries, and other (non-timber) raw materials that are gathered from Minnesota’s forests and adjacent lands.The current directory is now been updated by the Minnesota DNR in partnership with University of Minnesota Extension and the Onanegozie RC&D.

Minnesota County Land Department Personnel List - A directory of several counties' land department contact information and personnel. Compiled by Charlie Blinn of the University of MN Dept. of Forest Resources

Minnesota DNR Forestry Employee Directory - A directory including MN DNR Division of Forestry areas and regions, employee listings and contacts.

Minnesota Forest Products Industry Economy at a Glance - From MN DNR



Sustainable Forestry Landowner's Manual (Updated 2015) - The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)'s landowner manual, will provide you with the resources you need for a successful timber sale experience. The manual includes information on how to manage your land to attract wildlife, management guidelines to consider when harvesting timber, the elements of a good timber sale contract, choosing a quality logger, and how the Sustainable Forestry Incentive Act can relieve some landowner's tax obligations.

Minnesota's Forest Invaders: A Guide to Invasive Species - This manual gives you an overview of some invasive species threatening Minnesota forests and introduces responsible forest practices you can use to manage invasive species on your land.

Ash Management Guidelines: For Private Forest Landowners - From the University of Minnesota and MN DNR. This guide gives a history of ash in Minnesota, overview of the Emerald Ash Borer threatening Minnesota forests and introduces responsible forest practices you can use to manage EAB on your land.

Sustaining Minnesota's Resources - Voluntary Forest Management Guidelines - (a.k.a. "The Gold Book") containing the forest management guidelines and the recently added biomass harvesting guidelines. Note: very large .pdf document - hard copies can be obtained from the Minnesota Forest Resources Council (MFRC) at (651) 603-0109.

Minnesota's Forest Management Guidelines: Quick Reference Field Guide - A small portable book containing the key forest management guidelines and updated information. Hard copies can be obtained from the MLEP office at (218) 879-5633.

MN Dept. of Agricuture Invasive Species Resources - Link to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's Insect Pests and Diseases website.

Wetland Information Guide - This publication from St. Louis County Planning and Development covers the definition of what a wetland is; the many different types of wetland classifications; their functions, values and and benefits; and where to find assistance.

Temporary Stream & Wetland Crossing Options for Forest Management - This publication from the USDA and the USFS outlines a multitude of stream and wetland crossing options. By Charles R. Blinn, Rick Dahlman, Lola Hislop, and Michael A. Thompson.

Temporary Stream, Wetland & Soft Soil Crossings - This publication from the Minnesota Erosion Control Association outlines planning, options, and additional considerations when considering and implementing stream and wetland crossings.

Minnesota's Logging Businesses: An Assessment of the Health and Viability of the Sector - Publication summarizing the findings of the 2012 survey completed by participating MLEP logging member businesses.

Minnesota Forest Resource Assessment June 2010 - Important facts, information, trends and conditions about Minnesota’s Forests.

Minnesota Forest Resource Strategies June 2010 - Positioning the State of Minnesota
for Forest Resources Sustainability 2010-2015.

Property Tax Relief for Forest Landowners

Public Stumpage Review - 2010 -This report contains average stumpage prices received by all Minnesota public agencies in 2010 for the following product classifications: sawtimber, bolts, pulpwood, and fuelwood. Information presented may be useful for determining the total volume and value of stumpage sold and for comparing relative volumes and values of sawtimber and pulpwood sold during the reporting period by public agencies in Minnesota.

Lumber Market - Status and Trends - Dr. Henry Spelter, an economist with the USFS Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin provides a monthly analysis of softwood lumber trends.

Minnesota Woody Biomass Utilization Report - Minnesota DNR Forest Product Utilization and Marketing staff has gathered information via a survey on the current utilization of woody biomass for heat and/or energy production.

Minnesota Woody Biomass Facility Directory - From the Minnesota DNR. Facilities that utilize woody biomass were surveyed in 2008 to determine the volume of wood use and to develop a marketing directory.

MN DNR Utilization and Marketing - Information about the MN DNR Utilization and Marketing program, including directories and reports. Register and receive periodic updates and information on federal, state, regional, and local grant programs, incentives, and training for primary wood manufacturing businesses or information on recently released industry analysis or forest resource reports.

Assessment of Logger Education Programs Across the U.S. - From the Journal of Forestry Oct./Nov. 2007. By Brooke K. Haworth, Charles R. Blinn, & David T. Chura. This published article summarizes research that was funded through a grant from the Blandin Foundation.


News & Alerts

Seasonal Load Limits - The latest seasonal load limits from MNDOT. You can also subscribe to email updates.


Forestry & Industry Related Organizations

Associated Contract Loggers & Truckers (ACLT)
Forest Resources Association (FRA)
LogSafe Program (MN Dept. of Labor & Industry)
Minnesota Association of Consulting Foresters (MACF)
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - Division of Forestry
Minnesota Forest Industries (MFI)
Minnesota Forest Resources Council
Minnesota Forestry Association (MFA)
Minnesota Timber Producers Association (MTPA)
Minnesota Women's Woodland Network (MNWWN)
Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Program
Tree Farm - Minnesota System (for MN K-12 teachers)
United States Forest Service (USFS)
University of Minnesota Dept. of Forest Resources
University of Minnesota Extension



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