Minnesota SFI® Implementation Committee Training Standard


2022 Logger Education Standard

The 2022 SFI Standard requires that, at a minimum "each crew must include a Qualified Logging Professional (QLP) who:

1. has completed the SFI training program,

2. is the owner of, and employee of, or a contractor for the wood producer, and

3. has direct responsibility and is onsite regularly to carry out the roles and responsibilities of the Qualified Logging Professional (e.g. safety, protection of soils, streams and other water bodies.)"


The MInnesota SFI® Implementation Committee (MN SIC) has determined that the following requirements must be met in Minnesota:


Initial QLP training requirements

To intially become a QLP, it is necessary within a calendar year to complete the following:.

Guideline Training: Six (6) hours of training on Minnesota’s Forest Management Guidelines (provided through the online eFMG course covering BMPs)
Safety Training: Eight (8) hours of First-Aid and CPR training (must meet the LogSafe program training requirements as approved by the Department of Labor & Industry (DOLI)).


Annual Training Requirements

To mainitain QLP status after the initial year of training, a QLP must attend:

Safety Training - Twelve (12) hours of safety training every two years (must meet the LogSafe program training requirements as approved by Department of Labor & Industry (DOLI)) to include:
Eight (8) total hours of CPR/1st Aid Training (4 hours of CPR and 4 hours of First-Aid)
Four (4) hours of Safety Training (OSHA)

Continuing Education - SIx (6) hours of MN SIC approved training annually.:

Individual courses must address one or more of the topics as listed under indicators 1a-1f and 2a-2j of Objective 6, Performance Measure 6.2 of the SFI 2022 Fiber Sourcing Standard and Indicators 1a-1f and 2a-2k of Objective 13, Performance Measure 13.2 of the SFI 2022 Forest Management Standard.



SFI 2022 Forest Management Standard and SFI 2022 Fiber Sourcing Standard


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