2022 Workshop Offerings


Click on the workshop title to view class descriptions, dates, and locations. Workshops with current openings will have a "register" link. This page will be updated as needed with any new training opportunities that may become available throughout the year. Classes are free to MLEP members unless otherwise indicated and pre-registration is required for all classes.

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MLEP Credit Classes

In-Person Training

Virginia Logger Conference
Forest Managment Guidelines Onsite
Truck Weight Education
Timber Sale Design for Wildlife Planning
Wood Markets & Hardwood Management

Virginia Logger Conference (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.) register

The second annual fall logger conference will be held this year in Virginia. This day of MLEP training accommodates those needing 6 hours of MLEP (SFI) training to meet the Qualified Logging Professional training standard. The MLEP training days will consist of educational seminars and opportunities to interact with vendors. A variety of topics will be covered throughout the day. If you also need LogSafe (First-Aid/CPR or OSHA be sure to select the appropriate course for October 19)

October 18 - Iron Trail Motors Event Center - Virginia (Oct 19 for LogSafe)


Forest Management Guidelines Onsite (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.) register

This workshop offers an onsite option to complete the Forest Management Guidelines course for those without access to a computer or high speed internet service or those who are not comfortable completing the online training independently. The modules will be completed as a group. A paper exercise will be completed individually by each attendee, for credit. A moderator will present the modules, coordinate discussion of the topics and be available to answer questions related to the paper exercise.

December 15 - Cloquet


Truck Weight Education (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.) register

Participants will review the laws governing gross weights, road restriction weights, axle weights and seasonally increased weights. The workshop will also address the differences between state and local systems, road damage issues, reading weight charts and the advantages and reasons for proper tire sizes, axle spacing and axle configurations, and things to consider when purchasing a new truck or altering a current truck.

This workshop is being funded by the Minnesota Department of Transportation and presented by the University of Minnesota's Center for Transportation Studies. The instructors will be retired State Patrol Lieutenant Tom Nelson and retired Commercial Vehicle Inspector Paul Robischon.

This workshop includes coffee breaks and program materials. Registrants are on their own for lunch.

September 13 - Duluth CANCELLED

September 19 - Owatonna

September 20 - Shoreview CANCELLED

September 26 - Montevideo CANCELLED


Timber Sale Design for Wildlife Planning (6 hrs. MLEP Cr.) register

Along with The Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative we are planning two field workshops focused on timber sale design considerations to improve wildlife habitat outcome.

September 7 - Cook

November 1 - Aitkin area


Wood Markets and Hardwood Mgmt. (3 or 6 hrs. MLEP Cr.)

Morning Session (3 hrs. credit) - Do you want to expand your markets? Do you just want to know more about the current market climate in MN? Want updated information about wood products produced in MN, where they go and how they are used? Representatives from the major wood using facilities in the region will be on hand to discuss the latest information about the products they produce, utilization specifications, resource needs, woodyard safety and more. The class will be held in the Blandin woodyard. Opportunities to discuss market relationships will be available individually outside of the class meeting time. Pricing and deliveries will not be discussed by anyone during the training session in accordance with Antitrust laws.

Afternoon Session (3 hrs. credit) - Minnesota's hardwood forests offer several opportunities for management.  Managing those forests requires an understanding of how hardwoods evolve and react to changing conditions and treatments.  This afternoon session will be field based and cover some of the hardwood management techniques and market opportunities for products. You must attend both morning and afternoon for 6 hrs. credit.

September 15 - Grand Rapids


Online Training

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An individual can only receive credit once for each course. Check with MLEP office if you are unsure what you've taken in the past.
Forest Management Guideline Training
Ash Management Overview - MNDNR
Carbon 101: Understanding the Forest Carbon Debate
Current Issues In Forestry
MNDNR Purchaser Registration System
OSHA Introduction to Safety Supervision
OSHA Recordkeeping Basics
SFI Training Blocks 1 and/or 2
Truck Weight Compliance Overview


LogSafe Credit Classes


Photo ID required on the day of attendance per MN DOLI requirements

CPR/1st Aid Certification (8 hrs. LogSafe Cr.) register

During these classes, attendees will learn to respond to cardiac, breathing and first aid emergencies with and without the availability of an AED device. First aid will cover bleeding emergencies, burns, head injuries, heat and cold injuries and basic wound care until help can be attained. Attendees will discuss communication strategies and possible limitations, emergency response time and other issues related to remote work locations. Classes will be allocated a total of 8 hours, 4 of those hours for Basic CPR and AED CPR and 4 hours of Basic first aid. Each student will be issued a Basic CPR and First Aid card indicating class and date of completion. This class is a skills based class and class length will be based on the amount of time required for every attendee to successfully demonstrate the required skills. This class meets the OSHA Logging Standard 1910.266 requirement for CPR/First Aid certification.

October 19 - Virginia
October 25 - Cloquet
November 29 - Bemidji
December 6 - International Falls
December 13 - Cohasset


OSHA (4 hrs. LogSafe Cr.) register

All OSHA training will take place in the mornings 8 AM to noon

LogSafe OSHA
These classes will provide an overview of general safety topics related to recent work comp injuries and claims for the logging industry in Minnesota. Topics to be covered may include: preventing equipment fires, slips and falls prevention, emergency response call systems, hydraulic safety, tire maintenance safety, general health and personal safety, GHS labeling systems, 1st aid kit requirements, emergency planning and communication strategies, and other topics as deemed appropriate to address trends in logging safety. Topics covered during individual classes will vary due to instructor availability. Will address concepts related to 2022 SFI Standards.

October 19 - Virginia
October 25 - Cloquet
November 29 - Bemidji
December 6 - International Falls
December 13 - Cohasset

Training and Educational Materials

Follow the link below for training and educational materials from past workshops, along with other useful resources and articles.



Minnesota Logger Education Program - 1111 Cloquet Ave; Suite 7 - Cloquet MN 55720

Phone (218) 879-5633